This is where you can find most of the pricing packages I have prepared for you--but always remember, this isn't where the road ends!

Package doesn't match up with what you're looking for? No worries! I work with all customers on all different kinds of shoots and would be happy to hear what you have to say! It is all about what you want, of course, and I would love to make sure that you know that.  Feel free to give a visit to the "Contact" section of the page to shoot me an email, or give me a call, directly!


Portraits / Headshots

Have no quality photos that flatter you and your professional impression? Want impressive photos for work associates, employee of the month, or even a photo of the whole team?  Maybe you are in need of making a professional training video that will live on to teach associates for years to come? With my Professional Photoshoot providing high quality photos (ran through Lightroom and PhotoshopCC), as well as my open availability, you can not find a photographer more convenient for your professional needs. I understand that first impressions are very important in growing and maintaining value in the business industry today and would love the opportunity to help you shine at your prime with my excellent work!


Family / Group (couples, engagements, weddings, infants, Seniors)

Looking for the perfect photographer for a family photo? Or a chance to capture that special moment in your life, when you unite your soul in the sanctity of marriage? Maybe even just have a newborn baby that you just must have photos of? Or perhaps an elderly loved one that would like to have flattering quality photos of themselves taken to pass on for years? Then you're looking for the Family Photoshoot! I understand that loved ones can be expensive, so I included Lightroom and PhotoshopCC with these photosets, free of charge. There's no better time than to capture the special people and moments in your life, than now.



Are you a cosplay artist that would love to show off your amazing skill and attentive to detail? We are not to different, you and I! Dive into the character, the costume, and the Cosplay Modeling Industry by building your portfolio with my Cosplay Photoshoot. No details go ignored with my photography, I use Lightroom and PhotoshopCC to ensure you look at your prime when you are shining in front of my camera (free of charge!) If you or possibly a group of cosplay artists would love to dress up, amaze, and grab attention, then grab your appointment with me! (*All shoots taken at conventions I attend are $50 for 10-15 photos, all ran through Lightroom and PhotoshopCC)




Pet photoshoot

Have an adorable pet that you would love to have remembered for all time? Feel like your animals are part of your family? I feel the same way! Your sweet little friends deserve their time to shine, just like the rest of us! Because I understand that taking care of animals, is not exactly cheap, I'm including Lightroom and PhotoshopCC completely free of charge in these photos, to be sure the eye-shine/grime/ or movement of your animal stays at a minimum! Have your fuzzy family member photographed today with the fair priced Pet Photoshoot, to pass on their loving memory, forever.

Price Estimate:

Included In Your Pet Photoshoot:

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Jordan Dicaprio

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I'm young, creative, professional, and consistent. I strive from being able to help people, no matter who, be able to have their time to feel like a supermodel, and truly look like one, too. Giving real everyday people a flattering memory to look back on and hold dear to them for many years to come, is a huge passion of mine. What better way to say the unspeakable, than with a beautiful, breath-taking photo?